Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hostess Benefits

The best & most inexpensive way to get your charms from Jewel Kade is by hosting a party. I know it's not always the favorite thing to do for some, but you can get some great items & JK cash just for inviting people to your house. For being a hostess and having a qualifying show of $100 or more in sales with a minimum of 2 orders, you will receive a free gift of your choosing from the following...the Jewel Kade bracelet, Jewel Kade original chain or the pressed rose charm.

Plus, you will earn Jewel Kade cash from the party sales. If your sales are between $100-$1000, you will earn 10% of the party total in JK cash. When your sales are $1001+, you'll earn 15% of the party total in JK cash. That's FREE JEWELRY for YOU!! To top it off, for each guest that books a future JK party the night of your party, you earn one half price item--up to 4 items.

Be one of the first ones to show off Jewel Kade!! Your friends are going to love it, so why not be rewarded at the same time? Contact me to book your show!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Who would have ever guessed??

My life is full. I have a wonderful husband and 5 adorable daughters and I am surprised I stay on top of all the different schedules as good as I do. I never imagined I would even think about adding a business to my life. Raising my kids and running our household if very fulfilling and time consuming for me. What made me change my mind?? I have a friend who was wearing the cutest charms and she told me she was going to start selling them. I was definitely interested in seeing them & I knew I would probably buy something when she had her party. It ended up that I was not able to attend her party, but it wasn't long before there were 2 more parties hosted by other friends of mine. I went to one of the open house parties and I was there the whole 2 hours. I just kept looking at all the charms, tried them on, watched other women try them on & see how they layered them together. I was just fascinated by the excitement of those around me & how easily the jewelry sold itself.

I talked with my friends when the party was over & I was starting to think about becoming a stylist. WHAT?? I was just going to the party to buy a charm or two & now I wanted to sell them? I don't know what was happening to me, but I couldn't get the charms out of my mind. I talked with my husband & he was 100% behind me if I wanted to sign up. I went to bed & I could not go to sleep. I was thinking about my business plan--when I'd have my launch party, who I'd invite, how I'd get people to host parties, etc. I couldn't shut off my brain. The next day I called up my friend & told her I'd sign on. I still couldn't believe I was doing it, but knew once I signed the contract then I needed to jump in full force & run with it.

I am still in the beginning stages & trying to talk to every one I can about this great company. It is so new & I believe that joining at the start of this company could bring big payoffs in the future. I'm excited to share the high quality, creative, unique charms that Jewel Kade has to offer.